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Tips for Purchasing Wooden Construction Formworks

Ⅰ. The importance of purchasing skills for wooden construction formworks

Nowadays, housing prices have skyrocketed and land prices have soared, and building materials have also become popular, especially comparatively important building materials - wooden building formworks. When purchasing wooden formworks, the client must understand these skills.

Ⅱ. Tips for purchasing wooden construction formworks

1. Cracks

It is inevitable that the formworks of the middle and low boards have cracks, but too large cracks will affect the quality. Some cracks are generated between the texture of the material, this kind of crack will not extend and can be used with confidence. But some cracks penetrate the texture, so you must not be careless, otherwise, the service life will not be long.

2. Texture

The texture is mainly the standard for judging the quality of the floor. Regular textures are beautiful and luxurious. Do not choose formworks with messy textures.

3. Knots

Namely, knots can be divided into live cuts and dead knots. Although it is impossible to have no knots as a natural product, the reasonable distribution of live knots will make the formwork more beautiful. Premium products are not allowed to have defective knots.

4. Color

High-quality wooden formwork should have natural tones, clear wood grains, and materials visible to the naked eye. If the surface color is dark, it may be intentional to cover up the surface defects of the floor, so please pay more attention.

5.  Price

Wooden formwork is often sold at a low cost and high price. In order to avoid being cheated by others, we need to shop around when choosing wooden formwork, understand the price quotation, and see if the price of wooden formwork is reasonable.

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