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What Are the Service Life and Construction Points of Using Cylindrical Steel Formwork?

What affects the service life of cylindrical steel formworks? How should cylindrical steel formworks be constructed? We will take you through it.

What affects the service life of cylindrical steel formworks?

When using cylindrical templates, use alloy saw blades with more than 100 teeth and a sawing machine with trails for cutting; use a high-speed handheld electric saw for cutting irregularly shaped cylindrical templates; after cutting and punching the cylindrical templates, it is necessary to use special edge sealing paint to close the incisions to avoid deformation of the cylindrical templates due to water absorption.

Also, when nailing or punching on the cylindrical template, it is necessary to cushion it with wooden planks underneath to prevent splitting on the back of the board due to suspension. When in use, pay attention to preventing scratches, collisions, and falls of the metal edges, making sure that the geometric shape and outer appearance are intact.

In terms of storage and maintenance, after disassembling cylindrical steel formworks used for construction, the outer surface should be cleaned thoroughly with a scraper for easy circulation and use. This ensures the proper maintenance and longevity of the formwork in building construction. If cylindrical templates need to be stored for a long time, they should be coated with oil on the outer surface, stacked neatly, and covered with a rain cloth. During transportation and storage, avoid exposing the cylindrical templates to direct sunlight to prevent fading and aging.

On the construction site, cylindrical templates should be stored in flat, dry areas and should not be placed in extremely hot and humid areas.

What should be noted when constructing cylindrical steel formworks?

  • Personnel who enter the construction site need to wear helmets, and those working at high elevations should fasten safety belts.

  • When disassembling, the workers should cooperate with each other, work together, and not throw tools when passing them to each other.

  • When supporting cylindrical steel formworks, ensure that the site is clean and the materials are placed neatly.

  • A dedicated person should direct the lifting and transfer of the templates, and unauthorized operations should be prohibited.

  • Environment education for employees should be strengthened before entering the site to increase their awareness of environmental protection.

  • Strengthen mechanical management and reduce noise during construction.

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