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What is Aluminum Formwork?

Aluminum formwork is a type of template material in the construction industry, made from aluminum alloy. Aluminum formwork is widely used in construction projects and has advantages such as fast construction speed, cost savings, and reuse. After dismantling the aluminum formwork, the concrete surface can be smooth, saving other processes and costs.

Composition of aluminum formwork

Aluminum formwork is made of aluminum alloy and is formed by professional equipment extrusion. The main components of aluminum formwork include aluminum panels, supports, and several components of aluminum formwork. The aluminum formwork system, including flat plates and screw systems, is usually divided into these two types, both of which are widely used in aluminum formwork.

Role of aluminum formwork

Aluminum formwork is like building blocks. First, aluminum formwork is prefabricated according to the site size and design drawings. After confirmation, it is sent to the construction site. Then, the construction workers assemble it according to the number, reinforce it with steel bars, pour concrete, and after the concrete is dry, the aluminum formwork construction is completed.

Advantages of aluminum formwork

The construction speed of the aluminum formwork template system is fast, the operating cycle is short, and it can meet the requirements of production efficiency. At the same time, the material of aluminum formwork is suitable for reuse. The average cost per use is low, which can save more production costs.

At the same time, the material of the aluminum formwork is good, stable, and has a high load-bearing capacity. Aluminum formwork can be assembled into templates of different sizes and shapes. The appearance of aluminum formwork solves some defects of traditional formwork and improves the working efficiency of the operation.

The above is a detailed introduction of aluminum formwork. In theory, using aluminum formwork construction can achieve the effect of no plastering, but it is necessary to ensure the vibration effect and correct construction process in the construction process, so as to maximize the effectiveness of aluminum formwork.

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