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Protective Measures for Bridge Formwork Construction in Rainy Season and Quality Inspection in Winter Construction

Ⅰ. Protective measures for bridge formwork construction in rainy season

The function of the formwork is to make the concrete members cast according to the designed shape and size. Therefore, the rationality of the selection and construction of the bridge formwork, as well as the quality of the formwork production and installation, directly affect the quality, duration and cost of the concrete structure project.

But in addition to these, if the construction in rainy days is not adequately protected, it will also affect the formation of concrete components. The following will teach you some protective measures for bridge formwork construction in the rainy season.

1. Take lightning protection measures for the transformer of Lindian.

2. After entering the rainy season and before concrete construction, cover and protect the bound beam steel bars to prevent rusting from rain.

3. In close contact with the meteorological department, grasp the weather changes, arrange construction, and prevent sudden changes in the weather, so as to prepare in advance.

4. The power distribution boxes for construction are equipped with double-slope cover plates and ponchos to prevent rainwater from flowing into the power distribution boxes.

5. Cement and other raw materials are required to be covered with a top cover to keep out moisture and moisture, and ensure good ventilation.

6. Take antifreeze measures for water pipes.

Bridge formwork is a very important part of concrete member forming. Therefore, during the formwork in building construction of bridge, not only should all safety measures be taken, but also the protection of the rainy season should be paid close attention.

Ⅱ. Bridge formwork construction needs to do quality inspection in winter

Due to the low temperature in winter, in the construction of bridge shuttering, in addition to daily construction quality inspection, it is also necessary to check the ambient temperature during concrete pouring and maintenance, and carry out the following inspections:

1. During the concrete column formwork in winter, in addition to the standard maintenance specimens, the same number of specimens with the same structure and the same conditions should be prepared.

2. The heating and curing method and time of concrete, etc., the inspection results should be recorded in the concrete engineering construction records and temperature inspection records respectively.

3. Concrete heating temperature with water.

4. During the concrete curing period, the indoor and outdoor ambient temperature shall be fixed 4 times every day and night.

5. The temperature when the aggregate and mixing water are loaded into the mixer, the temperature when the concrete is poured out of the mixer and the temperature when pouring, should be checked at least 3 times in each work shift.

These inspections are very important and are related to the later use effect, so I hope everyone can pay strict attention. Our company is a professional manufacturer of bridge formwork, the product quality is guaranteed, the price is affordable, welcome to order.